AMAZING!! Enviro Cells Advanced Capabilities

AMAZING!! Enviro Cells Advanced... - Core Environmental Systems AMAZING!! Enviro Cells Advanced Capabilities The below footage demonstrates the advanced safety features of the Enviro Cell technology. Even when the... ​

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Enviro Cell - Energising the Locomotive Industry

Independent testing of the Enviro Cell technology has proven significant benefits for locomotive applications. The testing was conducted in such a manner that 8 hours of energy was extracted in just 30 minutes, followed by a simulated worst-case scenario, engine start that lasted 60 seconds.  The test was directly related to the Locomotive app...

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Game Changer for Agricultural Energy Storage Solutions

The Enviro Cell energy storage technology is a game changer for the agricultural industry. Delivering solutions that remove the need for diesel dependency and promote safe, sustainable and efficient energy storage systems that are not adversely affected by the harsh elements of the Australian outback. The Enviro Cells ability to operate in ext...

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Enviro Cell Tested on Agricultural Solar Applications

Core Environmental Systems and a leading Australian agricultural pumping solutions company have moved to the next phase with the pumping company testing the Enviro Cell technology in their South Australian factory. The 5kW Enviro Cell energy storage solution was hooked up to a mobile solar pumping system and ran for 7 days, from 19 to 26 Febru...

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Enviro Cells First Residential Solar Application in Full Swing

​Enviro Cells first residential solar application has been installed into a home in Northern NSW. The application is an 11kW Enviro Cell storage system connected to 5kW solar panels with a Sungrow inverter. The system was installed and placed into operational service in Jan 2018 and has been preforming without fault ever since. The efficiency of th...

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