Waste to energy solutions

The BlackHOLE ™ is a unique, revolutionary, self-powering patented waste processing technology that uses magnetised thermal heat to decompose large volumes of waste, in short periods of time, reducing it to less than 1% of original volumes and turning it into reusable by-products.


Benefits of The BlackHOLE™ include:

  • Self-Powering – The BlackHOLE™ requires no Fuel, electricity or gas of any kind to operate.
  • CMA – Operates on a Concentrated Magnetic Action (CMA) in an oxygen starved environment, meaning that it does not use flames to burn waste. Depending on the moisture content of waste, temperatures range between 350 – 850 degrees (*1).
  • No Pollution - The BlackHOLE™ technology eliminates poisonous dioxins and gases even if plastics or PV’s are processed.
  • Volume Reduction – Waste is reduced to approx. 1% of original waste input volume.
  • Reduces Waste to Landfill – The BlackHOLE™ can process more than 80% of waste (MSW & C&I) that currently goes to landfill.
  • Recycling – By-products from The BlackHOLE™ are recyclable.
  • Generation of Green Electricity - The BlackHOLE™ is capable of generating a significant amount of electricity.
  • Small Foot Print - The BlackHOLE™ small size means it is virtually portable (*2).
  • No Segregation - The BlackHOLE™ does not require segregation of waste types prior to processing (*3).
  • Operating Times - The BlackHOLE™ can process machine capacity every 6 hours (*4).
  • Maintenance - The BlackHOLE™ requires minimal maintenance.
  • Warranty – 25-year warranty on the magnetic technology.
(*) NOTES:
  • 1 Initial flame required at start up.
  • 2 Civil works might be required for installation.
  • 3 Non organic waste types such as glass, metal, concrete/rock and soil will remain in original state and will not decompose.
  • 4 Processing times are dependent on moisture content and types of waste.
IMG 20170307 WA0023

The BlackHOLE™ waste types include:

  • MSW waste
  • C&I waste
  • Organic and garden waste
  • Cardboard and paper
  • General house hold waste
  • Timber
  • Textiles
  • Tyres
  • Rubber and plastics
  • Some medical waste
  • Sanitary
  • e-waste