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Enviro Cell Tested on Agricultural Solar Applications

Core Environmental Systems and a leading Australian agricultural pumping solutions company have moved to the next phase with the pumping company testing the Enviro Cell technology in their South Australian factory. The 5kW Enviro Cell energy storage solution was hooked up to a mobile solar pumping system and ran for 7 days, from 19 to 26 February 2018. 

The results of the independent test proved that the Enviro Cell technology will deliver significant performance benefits and service life to the agricultural industry, across multiple applications including solar pumping.

The test Equipment used comprised of:

  • 1 of 50.4 V, 100 Ahr Enviro Cell Battery Pack
  • Lorentz PS2 600 and PS2 200 Controllers
  • Lorentz ECDrive 600 HR Motor
  • Lorentz HR14-2 Helical Rotor Pump
  • 50 mm Amiad pilot operated pressure sustaining valve.
  • Victron MPPT 150/35 BlueSolar Charge Controller (2 in Parallel)
  • Settings: Dial Selector-Position 7, Absorption Voltage 57.6, Absorption Time 10 hours, Float Voltage 56, equalisation OFF.
  • SunPower Solar Panels, 327 Watt, 3 Strings of 2 per charger.
  • Circuit Breakers and Disconnect Switches as required.

Enviro Cell Test Rig

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