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Enviro Cell - Energising the Locomotive Industry

Independent testing of the Enviro Cell technology has proven significant benefits for locomotive applications. The testing was conducted in such a manner that 8 hours of energy was extracted in just 30 minutes, followed by a simulated worst-case scenario, engine start that lasted 60 seconds. 

The test was directly related to the Locomotive application, as the energy was extracted 8 times faster then what's required in the Loco vehicle, followed by a fault current 5 times what is possible on the vehicle. The system then recharged the Enviro Cells at a rate of 4 times faster than what is possible with the on-board chargers. 

This test was conducted over a period of 4 months, cycling an average of 19 times a day, day in day out, in an uncontrolled environment, with temperatures exceeding 50C. The performance of the Enviro Cell energy storage system far exceeded the ability of any other technology and after 6 years' worth of cycling the Enviro Cell still retained over 82% of its capacity.

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Wednesday, 21 February 2024