About Us

Our Story

Core Environmental Systems is a wholly owned Australian company focused on innovative and sustainable solutions across the Energy and Waste industries.

Core Environmental Systems was formed in Feb 2016 and since then has been working with global innovators to identify, test and deliver sustainable Green solutions. To date, Core are the exclusive distributors for two products which will change the way we think about environmental issues and provide solutions never before available.

With a highly skilled and experienced team of experts across a wide range of industries, Core are able to design and deliver solutions for any application.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide sustainable, realistic green solutions that deliver genuine, proven environmental benefits in a cost-effective manner. We are committed to discovering, testing and validating the best of new global technologies to deliver benefits to communities and end users across all industries, in an effort to support global healing.

 Our current product offer, the Enviro Cell™ (Energy Storage Solutions) and the BlackHOLE™ (Waste to Power Solutions) are evidence of this vision.