Waste to Energy FAQ's

The only power required is for the pumps and fans. The BlackHOLE itself requires no fuel, gas or electricity to run. However, there is an initial ignition process to start the machine for the first time.

The machine creates a negatively charged atmosphere inside the main chamber. A programmed oxygen input is let inside the chamber through specially designed valves. The oxygen input is positively charged and once inside the chamber, there is a plasmic heat created with the negative and positive energy. This helps bring the temperature up inside the chamber.

This depends on the size of the BlackHOLE™ itself. Small 1 tonne/m3 machines right through to industrial 50 tonne/m3 machine are available.

The BlackHOLE™ can process most types of MSW and C&I waste. There is no segregation required prior to processing as anything that is unable ot be process will simply remain in its original form. Glass, metal, soil & concrete are unable to be processed.

Virtually anywhere. The BlackHOLE™ is virtually portable, as it requires no source of power. It is perfect for remote locations or anywhere where transporting waste is prohibitive.

Yes, by capturing the heat generated from the chamber, and directing into our electricity generator.

No. Due to three control measures within the BlackHOLE™ process. 1. The control of oxygen within the magnetic process. 2. High temperatures. 3 The scrubber process catches any that might slip through the first two.