Enviro Cell Electric Vehicles (EV)

While the EV market is still developing, and competing against traditional technologies, such as fossil fuel powered vehicles, its progress is being helped along by Government incentives and CO2 reduction targets.

As more and more people focus on environmentally friendly technologies, consumer sentiment of the practicality and the benefits of EVs are still mixed. Concerns over travel range, charging availability and cost savings are still a cause of consumer anxiety.

Traditionally the largest challenges faced with EVs are the trade-off between capacities of the vehicles verses the weight of the batteries, as well as their ability to operate safely both in a normal running environment and in the event of an accident.

Enviro Cells deliver significant benefits in this area. They are smaller and lighter than traditional batteries, provide greater capacity; are environmentally friendly delivering an eco-friendly value chain; and are completely safe, protecting drivers and passengers alike in every situation.

Enviro Cells advanced technology means they are perfectly suited for EV applications. Due to the Enviro Cells very low internal resistance and operating efficiencies of above 98%, it makes them the ultimate battery for regenerative braking applications. Meaning on long trips when under brakes, the Enviro Cells will actually charge providing extended range.

Enviro Cells are not only environmentally friendly, they are also completely safe. Tests have proven that even when Enviro Cells are penetrated, there is no danger of harmful gasses or liquids spilling (as they are a dry cell technology), or of fire or explosion risks occurring from thermal runaway. This makes Enviro Cells the world’s safest battery. In addition, another advantage of the Enviro Cell batteries is their ability to be fully charged as quickly as 8 mins, so you can be back on the road with full capacity in no time.

Some key benefits to the Enviro Cells are:

  • Zero maintenance
  • Long warranty periods
  • Dry cell technology (no harmful acids)
  • Fast charge capability (8 mins)
  • Smaller and lighter than traditional technology
  • Improves performance and efficiencies
  • Standard operating temperatures  – 20 to +65c  
  • In built Battery Management System (with active balancing)
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Reliable & safe with no health risks
  • No self-generating fire or explosion risks
  • No risk of self-generating poisonous or flammable gases
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made from organic material

Enviro Cells are designed and manufactured with the highest quality components to ensure compliance to local and international standards.

Core Environmental Systems can design and deliver a 100% fit for purpose solution to meet any requirements.