Enviro Cell UPS Solutions

Batteries are used extensively throughout Utility networks infrastructure in sub stations to protect power system devices, enable communications systems to keep running, control high voltage circuit breakers and operate critical equipment in the event there is loss of mains power.

Traditional battery technology such as lead acid or gelled batteries require ongoing maintenance, present inefficiencies, require a large foot print of valuable space and present health and environmental hazards.

Enviro Cells advanced technology has proven to remove the traditional constraints to deliver the ultimate UPS solution for Utility infrastructure by providing a safe, environmentally friendly, reliable and efficient battery.

Enviro Cells can operate off float charge with standard operating temperatures from -20 to + 65 degrees Celsius without any detrimental effects to the battery performance or cell life..

Enviro Cells provide a power solution that:

  • Reduces the required foot print
  • Reduces manual handling risks
  • Is maintenance free
  • Reliable & safe with no health or environmental risks
  • Improves performance and efficiencies
  • Standard operating temperatures – 20 to +65c  
  • Has an internal BMS (with active balancing)
  • Can be adapted to existing infrastructure


Enviro Cells are designed and manufactured with the highest quality components to ensure compliance to local and international standards.


Core Environmental Systems can design and deliver a 100% fit for purpose solution to meet any requirements.