Solar Storage Solutions

EnviroCell TM


With the focus on renewable energy, solar is one of the fastest growing markets in Australia. Whether you are looking for small residential solar power storage solutions or large commercial storage for business, Core has an Enviro Cell solution that will deliver unparalleled safety, performance and reliability.

Envirocell Solar

Substantially smaller and lighter than current solar batteries the Enviro Cell provides peace of mind for its customers.

  • 100% DOD
  • Over 98% efficient
  • Does not require cooling systems
  • Maintenance free
  • Fast charging
  • Rated to over 15 years cycle life 
  • No risk of self generating fire or explosion
  • Less than 2% self-discharge
  • Built in BMS with active balancing
  • Operating temperatures from -20 to +65c
  • 10 year warranty
  • No acids or harmful chemicals

Enviro Cell batteries can be used in both off grid and hybrid systems, installed indoor or out doors and have the capability to add additional batteries at a later stage, with no detrimental effect on the system at all.

Core Environmental Systems can design and build large scale energy storage systems for any application including solar farms.

Enviro Cell patented technology allows large energy storage systems that can operate in harsh environments without the need for large complex cooling systems. The advanced technology can operate in high temperature environments as the Enviro Cell has very low internal resistance and doesn’t generate detrimental internal heat.

Due to the advanced safety features of the Enviro Cell, Core’s bulk storage systems are well suited to high risk environments, where its critical to control and manage heat, energy consumption, weight and possible chemical reactions.

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