Enviro Cell Marine

Enviro Cells - Marine are designed and manufactured with the highest quality components to handle the harsh conditions of operating in marine environments, from the continuous impact of waves, right through to the rough road conditions of transporting vessels on trailers.

Enviro Cells - Marine do not require multiple performance types, as the Enviro Cell technology delivers all of the performance aspects of traditional batteries, in a single design. Whether you require deep cycle, long shelf life, high crank applications or zero maintenance, Enviro Cells - Marine provide a one stop shop solution with superior safety.

With Enviro Cells - Marine, there is no need for dual batteries to deliver separate engine crank starting power, as well as power for your on board electrical accessories. Unlike traditional technology, where a single crank can completely deplete the battery capacity, requiring hours of charge, Enviro Cells - Marine are so superior, that a single rated unit has the ability to deliver both crank power and ancillary electrical equipment requirements.

Enviro Cells - Marine advanced technology has been tested to operate and still deliver their rated output even when submerged under water. The Enviro Cells - Marine, dry cell technology means there is no risk of harmful toxins polluting our waterways and harming our delicate marine environment.

Some key benefits to the Enviro Cells - Marine are:

  • Zero maintenance
  • Long shelf life (+10 years)
  • Rated to over 3600 cycles
  • Dry cell technology (no harmful acids)
  • Over 98% efficient
  • Fast charge capability (8 mins)
  • Smaller and lighter than traditional technology
  • No self-generating fire or explosion risks
  • Built in BMS (with active balancing)
  • Long warranty periods
  • Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable

Enviro Cells are designed and manufactured with the highest quality components to ensure compliance to local and international standards.

Core Environmental Systems can design and deliver a 100% fit for purpose solution to meet any requirements.

Envirocell Marine