Enviro Cell Consumer Electronics Solutions

Whether it is a kids toy or a round of golf on an electric cart, we all want more bang for our buck when it comes to battery performance.

The most frustrating thing about traditional battery powered applications is the fact that they don’t last long enough and take far too long to charge. Well, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Enviro Cell batteries deliver superior performance with extended use as well as super-fast charging capabilities. Tests conducted have proven the Enviro Cells deliver twice the run time in a battery that is half the size of traditional lead acid applications, with the ability to be fully charged in 8 mins.

Unlike current Lithium-Ion battery technology, that has proven to be unsafe; whether in hover boards, mobile phones, laptops or headphones, the Enviro Cells do not pose any risk of fire or explosion while charging, discharging or operating, delivering consumers the ultimate in battery safety.

Some key benefits to the Enviro Cells are:

  • Extended run time
  • Long shelf life (+10 years)
  • Rated to over 3600 cycles
  • Long warranty periods
  • Dry cell technology (no harmful acids)
  • Fast charge capability (8 mins)
  • Smaller and lighter than traditional technology
  • Improves performance and efficiencies
  • Standard operating temperatures  – 20 to +65c  
  • In built Battery Management System (with active balancing)
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • No self-generating fire or explosion risks
  • No risk of self-generating poisonous or flammable gases
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made from organic material

Enviro Cells are designed and manufactured with the highest quality components to ensure compliance to local and international standards.

Core Environmental Systems can design and deliver a 100% fit for purpose solution to meet any requirements.